What I Use

Inspired by Wes Bos

Last updated on April 21, 2023

Samnang Chhun's workstation


  • VSCode - My default editor when I do pair programming with my partner.
  • Neovim - It used to be my primary editor when I do coding alone. Now I switch back and forth between VSCode and Neovim.
  • One Dark Pro - Editor’s dark theme.
  • Fira Code - Monospaced font with programming ligatures.


  • iTerm2 - The best terminal emulator for macOS.
  • Oh My ZSH - It bundles all useful plugins, helpers, and a few things that make you ready to go.
  • Spaceship - Minimalistic, powerful and extremely customizable Zsh prompt.
  • tmux - I usually create a tmux session with multiple windows instead of terminal tabs per project.
  • asdf - A single CLI for managing multiple runtime environments.
  • zoxide - A smarter cd command.
  • fzf - A command-line fuzzy finder.
  • ripgrep - Similar to ack, but it’s really fast.

Desk Setup

Apps & Productivity Tools

  • 1Password - It’s the first app that I install on any new device.
  • Notion - It’s my own personal wiki.
  • TickTick - My personal to-do application.
  • Canva - Sometimes I use it for some image designs.
  • Raycast - My application launcher for Spotlight replacement. Previously I used Alfred .
  • Dash - I use it for browsing API Documentation.
  • Excalidraw - My favorite virtual whiteboard for sketching ideas and diagrams.
  • Miro - Another virtual whiteboard for visual diagrams and workflows.
  • Skitch - Screen capture and annotation tool.
  • Stats - macOS system monitor in your menu bar.
  • RapidAPI for Mac (formerly Paw) - HTTP client for macOS.
  • Discord - For team and community communication.
  • Numi - Beautiful calculator for Mac.
  • Hidden Bar - Hide menu bar items for macOS.
  • IINA - The modern media player for macOS.
  • Pika - Beautify screenshots in seconds!
  • Snappify - Share beautiful code snippets.
  • Linguix - My writing assistant.
  • Wireshark - It’s the most popular network packet analyzer.