Pair with Dan Mayer

Dan Mayer(@danmayer) and I met each other on the internet when he had planned to visit Cambodia. He pinged me on twitter, then we setup a plan to meet when he was going to be here. We had a great lunch together as we had planned and talked about many »

Convert nested JSON to object in Ruby

In the past, every time I tried to convert a complex nested JSON to an object, I used to depend on some third party gems like Hashie or recursive-open-struct. Recently I found a very simple way to solve my problem which depend on json which is included »

Thankful for My Community

As I know there are some people are celebrating 12/12/12 is a special day for them, and they plan to do different things for their day. Then I think, why don’t I do a special thing as well for today :) I would like to say thank to awesome people who »

Interactive Ruby Learning

According to the last month meetup at Pailin(Cambodia Ruby/RubyOnRails User Group), most of the members are just getting started in Ruby. So I had a chance to give a presentation about Interactive Ruby Learning at this weekend for our Auguest meetup. »


You should invest in Code Reading skills

As you probably didn’t realize, you spent 2/3 of your time in doing programming tasks by reading your own codes or somebody else’s codes. So you ask why do we spend so much time in reading codes? Because before you do following tasks, you usually have »