2011 will be my Ruby and OSS year

Last a few months, I have relearned my Ruby skill, and I have enjoyed the language. So this year I decided 2011 will be my Ruby year, and I will do open source projects and contribute to some existing open source projects in that technology. There are »

Why I love Ruby better than X

I have uploaded my slide of my Ruby talk, Why I love Ruby better than X. I really enjoyed talking about this topic because Ruby is my first and favorite programming language. I show some reasons about why I love Ruby with its natural language. Unfortunately »

Use any Your Favorite Text Editors within irb

Almost Ruby and Rails developers use Interactive Ruby Shell(irb) everyday to test their code snippets. We all understand how useful and important to us on this tool. But sometime I find a little bit difficult when I want to test a chunk of codes in »

.NET Coders should give Ruby a try

Last weekend, I gave Ruby a try. Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with focusing on simplicity and productivity. It has elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write. Iā€™m a .NET coder, everyday I use C# for developing projects »