Convert nested JSON to object in Ruby

In the past, every time I tried to convert a complex nested JSON to an object, I used to depend on some third party gems like Hashie or recursive-open-struct. Recently I found a very simple way to solve my problem which depend on json which is included »

Interactive Ruby Learning

According to the last month meetup at Pailin(Cambodia Ruby/RubyOnRails User Group), most of the members are just getting started in Ruby. So I had a chance to give a presentation about Interactive Ruby Learning at this weekend for our Auguest meetup. »


Zero to Ruby at OpenTechTalk

UPDATE: My slide is available here and source. OpenTechTalk is coming on 22th Jan, I will give a talk about Zero to Ruby. Last month, I already gave a talk on Why I love Ruby better than X at DevCamp. Because Ruby communities in Cambodia are not so popular »