Run only Focus Examples in RSpec like Cucumber

While I am coding using Vim as my editor, I don’t know an easy way to run only an example or a group examples of RSpec that I am working on until RSpec-2 came out. I know we can run spec . -e example to run only match examples in the previous version »

Zero to Ruby at OpenTechTalk

UPDATE: My slide is available here and source. OpenTechTalk is coming on 22th Jan, I will give a talk about Zero to Ruby. Last month, I already gave a talk on Why I love Ruby better than X at DevCamp. Because Ruby communities in Cambodia are not so popular »

2011 will be my Ruby and OSS year

Last a few months, I have relearned my Ruby skill, and I have enjoyed the language. So this year I decided 2011 will be my Ruby year, and I will do open source projects and contribute to some existing open source projects in that technology. There are »