Thankful for My Community

As I know there are some people are celebrating 12/12/12 is a special day for them, and they plan to do different things for their day. Then I think, why don’t I do a special thing as well for today :)

I would like to say thank to awesome people who have done a great job to help me as well as community to live in a better place by building open source projects, sharing ideas/experiences, building better products, or doing a great job in some ways. I hope it helps to motivate those awesome people to keep continuing doing their great jobs.



  • Mendicant University community.
  • Rails and Ruby core members
  • RSpec: I use it almost of my Ruby and Rails projects.
  • People who gave me a favor to pair with me: Avdi Grimm(@avdi), Evan Light(@elight), Emmanuel Pinault(@emmanuelpinault), Anita Kuno (@anteaya)
  • RailsCasts by Ryan Bates (@rbates)
  • Destroy All Software by Gary Bernhardt(@garybernhardt)

I’m sorry If I miss anything from above lists, ping to me I will update it.

I want to see everyone be nice in community, and I hope you will say thank to your awesome people in some ways by sending a tweet, an email, an update on Facebook, or saying directly them if you have a chance :)