Krum - Find your interest groups in Cambodia

Beside my works on freelancing job, I would like to help to build better community in my local area(Cambodia). I know there is little communities here, and people don’t usually to go to meet each other to share their ideas, but it is changing now. There are dozens groups are active going on in Cambodia, and I would like to see more and more.

Some people told me that they are difficult to find the same interest people and groups to work on and share their ideas. So I build Krum to be a directory to list all user groups and events that are going to happens in Cambodia’s community to help people to find those information easily. It is also a open source project.

Krum - ShareVision Team

Krum is an idea found during my travel on bus with friends to join BarCamp Siem Reap on March this year. After validating ideas from some of my friends, so I decided to build it. We would like it to be a showcase which is the idea that we came up when we gather together in the event to be useful and solve other people problems. That’s why the events(conferences, user group meetups, …) should be good times to meet other people and share our ideas.

If you can’t find your groups, have an idea to start the groups, or want to list your group’s events, please ping me([email protected], @samnangchhun) with the information.