Zero to Ruby (free course)

Being a part of Ruby communities, it would be nice to do something interesting, useful, sharing to the communities. So that I decide to run Zero to Ruby(a full day free Ruby course) to help to build and grow local Ruby communities in Cambodia. There are not many Ruby or Rails developers here, but I would like to see it growing.

Course Overview

Date : Sat 18 Jun 2011, 09:00 - 17:00
Fee : Free
Location : Hackerspace Phnom Penh
Mentor : Samnang Chhun

Course outline

  • TryRuby
  • Why you should care learning another programming language
  • Installing and running Ruby
  • Using and extending the interactive Ruby shell(irb)
  • Using Ruby’s documentation
  • Ruby Core
  • Blocks
  • Classes and Modules
  • Understanding Ruby’s method lookup
  • Duck Typing and Monkey Patching
  • Basic metaprogramming & Domain Specific Language(DSL)
  • Code Reading (optional)
  • TDD/BDD (optional)
  • Fly! Be free!

Because it’s a community course, so you could suggest to change the course’s content to match your experiences. See you on that day.