Review: Zero to Ruby course

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time in my free Ruby course(Zero to Ruby). There were about 20 participants, and some are having some experiences in Ruby, but some are not. The course started 9:00 to 16:30, so it took about 8 hrs 30 mins.

The course started with letting students go to to have some fun with the language, and then go further steps with installation, irb, and using documentation before going to Ruby core classes. After that, we started in the afternoon with code review of students’ solution of one exercise from morning, then we went through some importance features in Ruby like Ruby object model, method lookup, duck typing, monkey patching, and basic metaprogramming and DSL. We had some more exercises for afternoon as well, but we didn’t have enough for doing them, so I let them to practice on their own time, and send me their solution to let me review it.

Course Materials