My last day at Yoolk

I almost couldn’t believe it, but on Friday, September 23rd was my last day at Yoolk. I joined to work at Yoolk since July, 2007. Since then I really enjoyed in learning and was a part of the team. I would say it’s a place that not only changes my career in software development, but also the place that I first heard ideas about Agile Software Development, Scrum, XP, Pair Programming, Unit Testing, Design Patterns, etc. I started my career as a .NET developer(MCTS), but for the last three years Yoolk decided to make a transition from .NET to Rails development platform instead, after I wrote some codes in Ruby and used Rails for a while and I like the communities, then I decided to move my career from .NET to Ruby/Rails development since then.

Yoolk Team is awesome, you guys are smart. Everyone has different skills set. I learned from you guys a lot, and I would like to say thanks for all of you. And I still thinking you guys always be a leading software team in Cambodia.

Then, what will I do next? It’s not kidding that I would say I will stay at home :) I have been doing freelancing with remote jobs since beginning of this year when I completed Mendicant University(former as Ruby Mendicant University). I will do more freelancing and consulting to support paying bills. The main reason is I would like to improve my software development skills by working with more people, then I could learn from them. I would like to be an apprentice again, and I hope I could find a mentor that could guide me to find my path. I also would like to be a part of communities, especially contributing OSS and building local communities.